A Busy Weekend with Drywall and Smiley Attack.

Life sure does get in the way of doing things we want to do sometimes doesn't it. While this weekend was meant to be a weekend of relaxation and a bit of shopping, it turned out to be a weekend of minor basement renovation.   Saturday afternoon, our phone lines weren't receiving any incoming calls. My wife and I called Bell (our telephone company) and send a repair guy over to take a look. Four hours later he couldn't do much as he and we couldn't find a particular box or terminal which connects the outside wire to the inside wires. Soooo, I call up my good friend Chris and he graciously comes over and we start to rip away the drywall in the basement ceiling looking for this elusive box. We finally find it and he goes on his way. Sunday, we call Bell and a repair guys comes out, checks the box, checks all the wires, checks the phone jacks, checks the phones, detaches some wires, reattaches the same wires, and our phone line ends up working properly.   Weird. Hhhhhmmm.

Now I'm left with a small portion of the basement ceiling all chopped up. But no fear, as I have a drywall patch kit which I've purchased at our beloved Canadian Tire.   However, this means that my basement studio is out of commission until I patch the ceiling up, (It's the right thing to do as I don't think our landlord would appreciate the look). Which means that I won't be able to record any rock opera this week which is annoying as I only have two more songs to do. Sooo clooose, but sooo faaarrr.

On a more positive note, things could be a lot worse.


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