A review of our June 8th 2013 Show at the Black Swan.

Saturday afternoon at the Black Swan. Wilton Said played to an enthusiastic audience. The opening set featured tracks from 'The Butterfly Plague', from a few years back. They were good, of course. However, there were two false starts, which is very unusual for this band. At one point Wilton was playing something a bit odd. It may have been Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 6 in D Minor, Op. 6, or it might have been 'Three Blind Mice', I'm not sure which. Also, Richard Rizzo had a new drum set. Very nice looking, too. However, there was a rattling sound coming from them that I found rather annoying.
The second set, though, was classic Wilton! Great songs, featuring the excellent work of great musicians! Chris Reid was incredible on guitar, as usual. Richard Rizzo on drums was superb, as usual. Deb Ray, the newest member, was great on bass! Wilton himself was his usual best, a showman with excellent skills and timing.
Another classic Wilton Said show at the Black Swan, always worth seeing, always worth the time!

Doug Leblanc

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