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The band and I took a short break for the holidays and we are now back rehearsing for the recording of our next release titled "Simple". For those of you who may be thinking that this next recording will be full of 3 min pop songs due to the title, fear not as we are continuing on in the genre of what would best be called Art Rock.

The title of the CD is also the name of one of the songs which happens to be 14 or 15 minutes long. It's a multi sectioned piece full of changing moods and time signatures. Other songs such as "Endorphin Crash" feature a punchy groove oriented 5/4 rhythm underneath some smooth legato vocals from moi. We also cover the mournful yet majestic instrumental classical piece "Bydlo" which originates on Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition". "City on the Water" is a mellow gentle, loose jazz type of tune with some dissonant vocals. Guitarist Chris Reid has also leant us a cool interesting rocker called "Down" which is great fun to play and sing. "Half Life", while having a simpler structure, will probably be one of our most textural and dynamic songs we've ever done and will feature some mega screaming from my vocal pipes.

Over all, the songs are coming together and we hope to start recording in February.


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