Guitars, Guitars and more Guitars!

For the past several weekends I've had guitarist Chris Reid over recording his guitar parts for the new CD titled "Half Life".  While the outcome of the recording is going well, the actual recording has been a little frustrating on both our parts.  Chris is a great guitar player, but I also play guitar and most of the songs were written by me on guitar, so it's been odd to hear his interpretation and style.  I imagine it would be like a full timeTaxi driver having to be in the passanger seat of another Taxi cab with another driver.  A little unnerving at times.  In the end I have to realize that we are two totally different players with two totally different styles and I need to respect that.  After all, reviews of our last CD "The View" have pointed out that Chris's style "lends grit" to my unconventional writing and that the music is better for it.
So I have to say, thank you Mr. Reid for your putting up with my endless requests for multiple takes, and to the Guitar contributions to my music.


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