I'm "Pretty" Laid Back

"Hey Wilton, … so uhmmm, how did you feel shooting the video, what with the clothing and all?"

This has been the main question I've been getting in response to my video of Pretty. (check it out at HERE if you want to know what people are talking about.)

The answer is that I was fine. The video shoot was fun, quirky and everyone involved did a lot of laughing including my wife who was on hand operating the play back in which I used to lip sync to. As to whether this one time cross dressing event has turned me into a raging cross dresser who can't wait to get home and secretly try on my wife's bra and panties, NO! I have a feeling that most people who have certain kinks and specialities haven't waited until their 40's to explore them. I would suspect that most people, especially in our more liberal North American City culture would've already reached out and tried out their "thing".

I've had a few people who have also questioned my stance on alternative lifestyles. For me I believe that people should be free to do what ever they want as long as they're not hurting anyone else, at least not without a safe word. Sure the thought of some issues may make some peoples stomach churn, but so what!! The thought of smelling and eating eggs, porridge, rice pudding and sea food makes my stomach churn, but I don't deny these to other people. I don't call these people sick, twisted or un godly. I don't picket or campaign to get these food items banned and I certainly don't ask these people to take their food away from me. As stated in a previous blog, the song Pretty was inspired by a friend of mine who cross dressed for a while. I must give him courage for telling me about it and then showing me. One day while I was visiting him, he excused himself for about 10 minutes. I thought he was going to the toilet, but when he appeared he was wearing make up, a dress and high heels. While I did laugh a bit as I was surprised, I didn't condemn him and I'm still good friends with him to this day. As to whether he continues to do this, or whether he is gay or straight is of no consequence to me or our friendship and hopefully he knowns this. I accept him in whatever form or lifestyle he choses to adapt.

It's fantastic that Patricia at http://www.wildside.org has provided a safe and comfortable place for men who like to dress up. And judging by how long she has been in business, this is not anything new.

Over all, I think we all need to give some respect to people no matter their lifestyle or what we think of it. After all, would we like to be judged negatively for things that we enjoy?


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