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I knew the time would come.  It was only a matter of time when I would have to actually start PRACTICING.  The band and I have made arrangements to start rehearsals in a few days which means I need to be prepared.  So for the past week or so I've been a busy boy polishing up on my vocals and practicing songs.  Vocally I'm not too concerned, but keyboards are another issue.  As I've stated in past blogs, keyboards have always been a challenge for me.  The cover of Bydlo has come along nicely but I still need to really concentrate as I haven't built up the muscle memory yet.  The other hellish piece I've been working on is the keyboard solo to "Half Life".  You may exclaim "but Wilton, you wrote it.  Why didn't you write an easier part for yourself?".  Why indeed.  I guess I wanted to challenge myself, and a challenge for me it is.  After 6 days of practicing at least two hours each day, it's finally coming together, a little bit.  Nevertheless, tomorrow I'll descend into the basement for some more keyboard pain, suffering, and joy.


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  • Kat Taylor
    Kat Taylor
    Keep on practicing!!!! Soon you'll be making it look easy. :)

    Keep on practicing!!!! Soon you'll be making it look easy. smile

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