My Network and Support Rant

Well it seems like it's harder to find other Local Prog and Art Rock bands to play with or that I'm interested in playing with. There are a few artists like Steve Cochrane, Ken Baird and Plenty who I've played with in the past and hope to play with in the future. I am extremely grateful for their support over the years in attending a few of my shows and some of the NUANCE shows. Hopefully I've been able to show similar support in the past when I've been able to. This brings me to my rant.

There are a few other local prog bands who have over the past couple of years been very glad to play at my NUANCE events, ask me for positive quotes for their websites, and invite me to their shows. In fact I used to frequent some of these shows as often as I could. However you'd think they'd at least return some of the support by perhaps coming out to a show or two. At the very least you'd think they'd watch the other bands sets before or after their own set. But no, they only appear to be interested in their own shows. I would understand if they just weren't interested in playing with me, or being a part of NUANCE. But when I announce the possibility of a NUANCE show, these will be the same artists who write back that they're interested in playing. These will be the same artists who ask me for a reference for their Factor Grant. These will be the same artists who email me or Facebook me to tell me about their shows. These will be the same artists who ask me to forward their gig information on to my own mailing list.
No thanks, I'm not interested in supporting you anymore.

As a result, the pool of Art Rock and Prog artists which I want to interact with is unfortunately getting smaller and smaller.

Rant Over

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