Post Video Release Show Wrap Up Blog

Just relaxing after the show last night. Over all it was a fantastic evening if I may say so myself. Opener Steve Cochrane who was joined by vocalist Aimee Matuszczak did a great job with his acoustic set. I really enjoyed his renditions from songs off of La la la Variations on a Happy Song, and The Purist of Designs. Thanks again Steve. Check him out at

For my own set I thought the band and I played really well. Sure there were a few flubs and bulbs by all of us, but it is live after all. A huge thanks once again to the band - Chris Reid on Guitars, Deb Ray on Bass, and Richard Rizzo on Drums. Also many thanks to Janelle Eisler for mixing sound and not pressing the "Suck Button". Thanks to my wife Kerry for greeting everyone at the door and taking your money. Thanks to the Black Swan venue for having us play again and again. And of course and most importantly, thanks to all who came out to the show. There were a few newer faces in the audience which is always a great thing.

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For those that care, below is the setlist…

1st Set
In a People Bar
Endorphin Crash
Merry go Round
Heavy Motion
Shopping Asia
/Gender Bender
All for You
In My Dreams
Broken Mind

2nd Set
The Empty Sky
i) The View
ii) Goodbye
iii) Fallen
Half Life


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