The Winter Wonderland, or not quite so.

Winter Wonderland
It's been an interesting Christmas for me, as I'm sure it has been for many people in Ontario.  The weekend before Christmas, Ontario was hit with an ice storm leaving many without power for up to a week.  Fortunately for my wife and I we were only out for about 48 hours.  Some of our neighbors had the misfortune of having tree trunks fall onto their hydro lines causing them to be without power until they could pay to have their hydro wand fixed.  We did offer up our house for warmth and food storage, but they already had plans in motion.  Thankfully they now have full power and heating to their house.

Take A Deep Breath
Somehow out of the blue I have developed a mild case of pneumonia.  During the Saturday I started to develop a cough and didn't think any thing of it as it was only intermittent.  The next day I started to feel like I had mild asthma (a condition I used to have more severely as a child) and took some huff and puffs on my blue puffer.  Nothing much changed.  I ended up getting some mucus medication and took it for almost a week, but still no change.  Went to a walk in clinic where the doctor got me to "take a deep breath" in which he informed me it was most likely a localized infection.  As you can guess, I'm on some antibiotics and I'm refraining from any sort of strenuous physical activity.  (Darn, there goes my chance to renovate the bathroom) :)

Hello Goodbye
In music related news, the band and I are saddened to say goodbye to drummer Richard Rizzo.  It turns out that commitments to family and the other band he's in, Second Pass, has left him with little time to commit to Wilton Said…  He has been part of the band for just over 10 years and his great playing can be heard on The Butterfly Plague, The View and Half Life.  We wish him and his family all the best.
Motions have been made to look for a new drummer and we do have a few leads.

We will also be saying goodbye to bassist Deb Ray who was on semi-permanent fill in for Frank Heisler.  Deb has stated that he will be cutting down on all of his musical activities due to spending more time with his family and we wish him all the best.
Frank Heisler will be returning on bass after a hiatus of about 3 years due to medical issues.  Frank is feeling much better and has stated that he is well and ready to contribute to recording and live playing in Wilton Said…

Rehearsals and drummer auditions have been scheduled for the new year and we look forward to getting the Wilton Said… music machine up and running again with a new recording and some live gigs.

Happy New Year and all the Best.

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