Wilton Said... Fun at the Funfair

I just got in from our set at the Funfair a few hours ago and I am beat.  Setting up equipment, playing for an hour, taking down equipment, moving equipment, all in the sun and heat can really wear one out, nevertheless, the band and I had a great time playing.  It was great to see some new faces, some familiar faces, and also some faces which I haven't seen for a very very long long time. Unfortunately I wasn't able to talk at length with some of you due to equipment set up and take down, but I do very much want to thank you for coming out to see us play. Hopefully you were also able to enjoy the rest of the Funfair food and activities.

I also want to thank the band, Chris Reid - Guitar, Richard Rizzo - Drums and Frank Heisler - Bass for once again playing a great show. And not to forget, thanks to the Earl Beatty Parent Council for putting on the Funfair and having us play.

Until next time, enjoy the sun. I'm off to drink wine.

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