Yet Another Song and an Outdoor Event

Well it seems like I've got another song idea rolling around in my head.  At the moment it's called Endorphin Crash.  It started by me picking up the guitar and strumming a few ideas.  My first instinct was to censor these ideas as they didn't seem "arty enough" or "crafty enough".  However, it is possible for one to try TOO hard and I decided to use one of the ideas and keep it in it's simplified form of 5/8 time.  You may be thinking "what's simple about that?!"  In the past I would have and have taken that 5/8 time and found ways to manipulate it and alternate it with other time signatures, clever me eh?!  But as I stated earlier, after a while one can get tired of trying to be clever, especially when one has done it before, ohhh the boredom.  So 5/8 it remains and I like it.  I have already written two verses of lyrics for this idea and I think I've got an instrumental section worked out.  Before going any further with the song however, I want to jam parts of it out with the band to see if any arrangement ideas take the song in another direction.  It happened with "Half Life" (a new song to be on the next release) and it might happen with this one.

On the live music front, the band and I will be performing on Sat May 29th at an outdoor Family Funfair event.  We'll be playing a chunk of originals along with a few rockin cover tunes.  Stay tuned for further details.


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