Queensryche "Condition Human"

Downloaded the latest Queensryche album "Condition Human" and I must say it's quite good.  For those who are unaware, original vocalist Geoff Tate hasn't been with band since 2012 and has been replaced by vocalist Todd La Torre.  There's more…Read more

Iron Maiden - Book of Souls First Listen Review.

Obvious Spoilers……

I just finished listening to the new Iron Maiden album The Book of Souls.  The hype surrounding this album has probably been bigger then any other IM album ever.  This is probably due to three things surrounding the…Read more

Marillion 2015 Montreal Convention

My wife and I just got back from the Marillion Convention and once again had a great time.  But who wouldn't, being fans of the band, seeing three 2+ hour shows over three nights, totally different set lists, all for…Read more

Doug Leblanc Tremble Release Review…

Wilton Said played at the May Café Saturday night. It was to introduce the digital download release of ‘Tremble’, a three-song delight of brand new material from the band.
This was a bit different from other release celebrations, though. To…Read more

Show Announcement

After more then a year, my band and I are ready to play and we're holding our "Tremble" Download Release Show featuring two sets of original Art Rock Music.  This show also features the debut of drummer Peter Karppi as…Read more

The New Year

Recording, Mixing and Mastering
Recording has been completed as well as the mixing for the new Tremble E.P.  For various reasons, Guitarist Chris ended up hauling his computer based Protool unit to my house where Bassist Frank and I diligently…Read more

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in support of the fight against Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also called Lou Gehrig's disease.

Vocals and How to Sing Them

    So the band and I are working on a new song for the next recording.  Guitarist Chris Reid wrote the chord structure and I arranged it into a song and texture format.  The nature of the chords and the texture…Read more

A new Video from Paddy Aldridge.

Paddy has been busy working on some more videos of Wilton Said… music.  I think the latest one for "A Family Affair" is my favorite of hers so far.  I think what I like about Paddy's style is that her…Read more

Queen Adam Lambert

    My wife and I saw the Queen Adam Lambert show in Toronto last night and had a great time.  Like many classic rock bands, I was resigned in thinking that I'd hear mainly the chart topping hits without any consideration…Read more

Bands I like, but shouldn't

    Anyone that knows me knows that I like music which is..., how do I say it, more artsy fartsy.  In most cases, this means rock and pop which is more technically advanced in both playing ability and writing ability.  (MUSIC…Read more

IQ Road of Bones Review

    The other day I downloaded and listened to IQ's "The Road of Bones".  While I don't consider myself a huge fan of the band, I do have various releases, "Tales from the Lush Attic", "The Wake", "Are You Sitting Comfortably?"…Read more