Doug Leblanc Tremble Release Review…

Wilton Said played at the May Café Saturday night. It was to introduce the digital download release of ‘Tremble’, a three-song delight of brand new material from the band.
This was a bit different from other release celebrations, though. To start, he opened with a solo set on guitar, featuring a few surprises. He did ‘Sin’ from the early days, then did a few Beatle songs. Fortunately, for me, one of them was NOT “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road”. He has played this in the past, to my great chagrin. The Beatles songs he did do he did very well!
Then he did two sets with the band. Both were excellent! Wilton himself was in excellent voice, and at his entertaining best! The band was tight and strong. Chris Reid was excellent on guitar! He is an incredible musician, and in many ways is the engine that keeps Wilton Said on full throttle.
The bassist was, basically, excellent. He is the new old bass player, Frank Heisler. He had been absent for some time, but his return featured some very strong playing.
The biggest question, though, was on the drums. Richard Rizzo’s departure left some area for concern; after all, Wilton Said’s music is often long and extremely complex, with odd time signatures and difficult sections. However, there was no need for concern. Peter Karppi was superb! He had quite a few supporters in the audience, and they were treated to a tour de force of drumming! He fit into the music as if he’d been playing it all his life. I was truly impressed by his remarkable performance!
This show, however, was quite a bit different from other shows, thanks to a delightful lady named Paddy Aldridge. She added some wonderful visual effects, which added whole new dimensions to the show! Indeed, she made it a theatrical presentation, as compared to just a simple concert. I was delighted with her work, and look forward to seeing more of it in the future!
Which brings us to the audience. I realize that people are entitled to pay their admission, then completely ignore the show. WHY they would do that is a mystery to me, but it happens. Some of them last night seemed utterly oblivious to what was happening on the stage. Some great music and artistry was occurring on the stage in front of them, and they utterly ignored it!
Perhaps I am too deeply appreciative of the wonderful music being performed, and the incredible talent behind it, but I can’t help feel like visiting Oz while others are wondering how to fix the damn house after the tornado!

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