Neglected Live Material

Neglected Live Material 

Are there any musical artists whose material you feel has been neglected during live shows? 
For me a few bands come to mind such as Kansas and Iron Maiden.  Kansas released a new album in 2016 and do you think they played much off of it?  No!  Instead they toured playing all of their classic Leftoveture album throwing in about 3 or 4 songs from the new album.  Sure the band played a lot of rarely played songs such as Chasing Shadows, Reason to Be, Lamplight Symphony and that’s…

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Iron Maiden Toronto Concert Review - July 15th 2017 - Toronto - Budweiser Stage Ontario Place

Iron Maiden Toronto Concert Review 
July 15th 2017 - Toronto - Budweiser Stage Ontario Place 

I saw Maiden last year for the 1st leg of the North American tour.  It turns out that very little has changed at this show from the previous show.  The setlist was almost the same, the stage set was the same, the band were pretty much the same (raw).  I’ll give drummer Nicko McBrain credit, however, as I felt this was the tightest I’ve heard him play in a live setting in a long time.  Unfortunately…

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Marillion Weekend Convention UK 2017 - De Montfort Hall, Leicester, England

My wife and I returned from the Marillion Convention and had a great time.  In the past we’ve gone to the Montreal Convention, however Marillion decided against having one in North America this year due to the fact that they had toured NA the previous year.  So it was off to merry old England to see one of our favourite bands. 

We weren’t that interested in the opening bands although we did see Lonely Robot.  They were really good although I wasn’t too keen on John Mitchells vocals.  Sound wise, they were…

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Digital vs Vinyl

There's nothing wrong with digital format if you're not that bothered with art work, lyric sheets etc. I do agree that with vinyl, cassette and CD there was more of an investment in music. First you had to save up for the release. Then actually leave your home to go to the store and buy the release.  Then you brought it home, unwrapped, put it on and actually sat down to listen to the whole thing.  If it was cassette or vinyl, you had to get up half way through to switch sides.  In addition, one might have…

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Iron Maiden Toronto Concert Review 2016

Iron Maiden Concert 
April 3rd 2016 - Toronto - Air Canada Center 

It turns out that this is the twelfth time I've seen Maiden live, and this little tidbit of info will be relevant to my review of the show. 

The opening band "The Raven Age", which had Maiden bassist Steve Harris' son on guitar, wasn't too bad.  They were a mix of metal with more Alternative style vocals.  Not really my style, especially with the rapid double kick, (god I can't stand rapid double kick), so I'm probably not the…

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Staying Relevant

I've seen a trend with some bands such as Kansas, Styx, Yes, Queensryche and Judas Priest.  The trend is at live concerts to focus mainly on the tried and true popular songs of the bands past, as opposed to playing a healthy amount of newer or at least later material.  I know some of these bands like Styx and Kansas haven't released new material since early 2000, but Kansas has albums such as Power, In the Spirit of Things, Freaks of Nature and Somewhere To Elsewhere all which have some good songs on them. …

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Judas Priest show at the Toronto Air Canada Center - Thurs Nov 12th 2015

The evening opened with the band Mastodon who is simply not my cup of tea.  Too heavy and I didn't like the vocals.  I do know that there are many who do love this band so I'll let them do their own review of their set.

Judas Priest were really really good.  I say really really good as opposed to amazing because I save the "amazing" description for Iron Maiden and Marillion shows which in my opinion are usually…. amazing.  On to Priest…

They opened with the first song off of the recent album Redeemer of Souls…Read more

Queensryche "Condition Human"

Downloaded the latest Queensryche album "Condition Human" and I must say it's quite good.  For those who are unaware, original vocalist Geoff Tate hasn't been with band since 2012 and has been replaced by vocalist Todd La Torre.  There's more to the story regarding Tate's departure but it's pretty easy to find online if you so wish.

Condition Human harks back to Queensryche's progressive metal style of the 80's and 90's which is a good thing as their material throughout the 00's was not my cup of tea.  I…Read more

Iron Maiden - Book of Souls First Listen Review.

Obvious Spoilers……

I just finished listening to the new Iron Maiden album The Book of Souls.  The hype surrounding this album has probably been bigger then any other IM album ever.  This is probably due to three things surrounding the album.  

First, after the recording, vocalist Bruce Dickinson was diagnosed with having cancer on his tongue and at the back of his throat.  He has since beaten it and has been on the road to full recovery.  Second, there are two lengthy solo Dickinson compositions which bookend…Read more

Marillion 2015 Montreal Convention

My wife and I just got back from the Marillion Convention and once again had a great time.  But who wouldn't, being fans of the band, seeing three 2+ hour shows over three nights, totally different set lists, all for the price of $150.
The Conventions have always featured a performance of one of their albums, but last convention as with this one, two albums were featured.  Friday night was Anoraknophobia, Saturday was Marbles and Sunday was the surprise.

The performance of the band was not as good as other…Read more

Doug Leblanc Tremble Release Review…

Wilton Said played at the May Café Saturday night. It was to introduce the digital download release of ‘Tremble’, a three-song delight of brand new material from the band.
This was a bit different from other release celebrations, though. To start, he opened with a solo set on guitar, featuring a few surprises. He did ‘Sin’ from the early days, then did a few Beatle songs. Fortunately, for me, one of them was NOT “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road”. He has played this in the past, to my great chagrin. The…Read more
Tremble release show march 14 2015 colour

Show Announcement

After more then a year, my band and I are ready to play and we're holding our "Tremble" Download Release Show featuring two sets of original Art Rock Music.  This show also features the debut of drummer Peter Karppi as he adds his percussive flair to our music.
All admissions include a code at the door for a free download of the upcoming "Tremble" E.P. Download Release.

I'll be opening the show with a short set of light acoustic numbers for your listening pleasure.

The show takes place on Saturday March 14th…Read more
Tremble ep cover

The New Year

Recording, Mixing and Mastering
Recording has been completed as well as the mixing for the new Tremble E.P.  For various reasons, Guitarist Chris ended up hauling his computer based Protool unit to my house where Bassist Frank and I diligently mixed the fine works of recorded musical art into even more fine works of musical art over three days.  Once finished, Frank took the master stereo tracks home and is focused on turning this fine work of musical art into a brilliant work of musical art which should be…Read more

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in support of the fight against Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also called Lou Gehrig's disease.

Vocals and How to Sing Them

    So the band and I are working on a new song for the next recording.  Guitarist Chris Reid wrote the chord structure and I arranged it into a song and texture format.  The nature of the chords and the texture lent itself to what I think is an interesting vocal melody and vocal texture.  The vocal texture I had in mind was channeling David Bowie's big rich open crooner/classical style as heard in the song "Sunday".  A short while later I wrote lyrics for the song and due to the nature of the chords and…Read more