Queensryche "The Verdict" Review

I've had the latest Queensryche release "The Verdict" on heavy rotation on my headphones and speakers at home. It is fantastic. Probably one of the greatest Metal Albums that I've ever heard, and that's going up against Sabbath, Priest, Maiden, and Metallica. It's very much a Queensryche album which is reminiscent of their earlier material with a great blend of Prog as heard on Rage for Order, and texture of Promised Land. And it's super heavy. 
Vocalist Todd La Torre hits it out of the park with his uncanny similarity to previous vocalist Geoff Tate. To be fair, Todd does acknowledge that Tate is an inspiration for him vocally. 
The guitar work of Micheal Wilton and Parker Lundgren is superb as they weave complex arrangements between their instruments. Drummer Scott Rockenfield was absent from this recording and features vocalist Todd La Torre on drums. And he does a fantastic job. It turns out Todd was first and foremost a drummer and got into singing later on in his musical career. 
Bassist Eddie Jackson is as solid as ever holding down the lower end spectrum. 
Over all a must buy for any Metal and Queensryche fan.

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