Grants, Applications and Mixing

Another busy few days spent doing musical stuff, mainly for the Rock Opera. 1st off was getting the Ontario Arts Council Grant application organized which took a bit of doing.  It's not the best written application form and the download had some glitches which meant I had to hand write a few things.  I swear they made it difficult in the hopes that less people would apply.  Also had to mix two rock opera songs with my guide vocals to send off with the application.  Over all, it's sealed in an envelope and I'll be mailing it off during the week.

Tomorrow, (or today depending on when you're reading this) the band and I resume our Wilton said... rehearsals for work on the new release. I'm sure we'll be a little rusty but I'm sure over all we'll be fine. We'll leave off working on the newest song "Simple" until next weeks rehearsal.


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