The NUANCE of a Rock Opera

So I've been thinking about holding another NUANCE mini festival sometime in the spring.  I've already talked to one particular venue and have gotten an amazing rental rate making this particular venue the only one to consider.  Next up is to hear back from my band regarding playing.  I know Frank, Chris and Richard have things going on at the moment but hopefully their schudule will free up in time for spring time.  Hopefully getting 3 other bands to play won't be a problem.  I've already got a few ideas on who to ask.  So I'll keep you all posted.

I was really annoyed at myself a week ago as I thought the Factor Grant Application for the Rock Opera would be settled by mid January.  As it turns out I misread a date and I have to wait till the end of Febuary.  Darn it!!!!  It's also frustrating as I'd like to start recording the vocal charater parts but i don't want to move ahead until I know what type of (if any) funding I'll have.  Grrrrrrrr!


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